Big Stick Canes  

Custom Made Canes and Walking Sticks

 Made in the USA

Our canes and walking sticks are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces created to serve the function of support and stability and designed to give the user enjoyment with the beauty from the natural hardwoods carefully selected.

The hand comes in many shapes and sizes and so the handle of a cane should fit to accomodate the needs of the individual's grip along with having the proper height and heft of the shaft.  Some designs are made specifically for left or right handed needs, but they are still suited for ambidextrous use and allow for a comfortable, firm grip.

Please click on the photo to visit my Gallery MH for more examples of canes that we have designed.  We have many ideas to incorporate exotic and domestic woods along with antler, gemstones, etc. .    If you are looking for something contemporary or traditional, yet unusual, please contact me and we can design and create a special piece to suit your interests.

Meilie Moy-Hodnett  & Michael Hodnett

Inquiries welcome:   (301) 922-8443

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- Instock items shipped upon receipt of payment.
- Please allow 3-6 weeks for custom orders.

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